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Full Tilt Poker is an Irish online poker card room and online casino that opened in June 2004. Formerly privately owned by Tiltware, LLC, and later by the Rational Entertainment Group, the site was acquired by The Stars Group (then known as Amaya Gaming Group) in a deal where Amaya acquired all of Rational's assets, including PokerStars. A statement by Amaya said the takeover would not affect the activities of Full Tilt Poker. The deal was closed on August 1, 2014.

JML1984 a user from pocketfives shared in a review "If you are ever thinking about depositing money on this site(and haven't deposited before), DON'T! This site sucks. Oh, and that whole "refer-a-friend" thing is a scam and they don't give you your money when you do it. Don't even bother with the "100% Deposit Bonus" because it's not what it seems"

Heather 55 said "They are rude and it takes forever to get a response via email!! If I can persuade one person from using that site i will have succeeded. they are a bunch of hoojars and dont trust them with your money"


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Amelia Grassow says

"I am very disappointed, my account was frozen, they asked for ID which I sent to them, I still have money in my account that I cannot get back as they will not reply my email. Will also be contacting the gambling commission"

Jamie Ross says

"This casino have breached regulatory legal requirement and allowed me to open another account even although I am self excluded from their sister site bet stars . I had deposited around 60gbp.. All of a sudden my account was freezed in play.. I still had 40gbp in my account . Send numerous emails all ignored and no response . I will be sending complaint to gambling commission to report .. 110% scam company keep well clear !"

Dinesh sharma says

"Username masterd121. Casino is absolutely dreadful. Gave some bonuses to begin with, Played then with roughly $280 dollars, and gave 2 bonuses with a stake of $0.40-$0.60 and paid like $5.00. Deposited a further 3 times $50, $30 and $30 and not one bonus with same stakes. Awful company. Truss dont play with these guys. Stick to companies that deal with just casino play."

Bonita Webster says

"I made a $50 deposit 2 days ago and it still isn't in my account. I sent them the confirmation from my bank too. Contacted them 3 times, still no response. Extremely frustrated with them. ALSO did not receive my 1st time deposit bonus either, have spent at least $500 over time....you are welcome............give me back my money"

x y says

"For about 2 weeks I have been trying to withdraw money, but the desktop app and the website show error "We are unable to display withdrawal options for you at the moment. Please email us at ... for further assistance." I have sent a couple of emails to this address over the last 2 weeks but got no reply at all. So they just don't let me withdraw my money."

Denis says

"Stole my money with no reason. They claim for identity and player security and after sending government issued id and bank statements they reply saying they want a photograph of the bank card. I sent a bank statement with the transaction and last digits of the card number visible yet they just retained my funds and cannot be bothered to even give an explanation, or any reply at all for that matter. This is because what they are doing is theft period. I lost 140 euros but i read there are people who have had thousands stolen from them. The worst thing for me is they reply once then disappear and just cannot even be bothered to reply to your emails and have no support line or chat support. It is clear why. Full tilt are a group of delinquent organised criminals and I am only happy I lost 140 and not thousands like so many others."

Ela John says

"Having played on fulltilt a few weeks now its obvious the game is absolutely rigged and computerised. Additionally the lack of service with a request for withdrawal is absurdly unprofessional. I have requested to withdraw 19 dollars and 380 dollars. The 19 dollars went through without a problem. With the 380 dollars ive been asked for verification Id which was confirmed without a problem yet I still have received no 380 dollars having now waited 5 days! Ive sent two emails with no reply or any regard or concern. Furthermore initially the cards dealt seemed very fair after a small all great hands have been lost to a better hand simultaneously ie 3x A + 2 x K = full house and opposition gets 4 x Q i have had 4 x K and opposition gets 4 x A- 2 x AA in my hand followed by a A on flop and opposition gets 4 x 5! Unbelievable better hands that would very rarely occur in a normal hand deal poker which happens in fulltilt hand after hand. Its daylight robbery and they wont let you withdraw I'm baffled how they get away with it."

jack Veltom says

"I could not remember previous account log in details, so i started a new account and deposited £20 which was allowed. Fast forward to moments later, both accounts suspended, money taken and i sent numerous emails with no response. This is theft!"

Richard Harris says

"This poker company is completely rigged. Been playing a few tournaments for a few weeks now and have watched hand after hand win against rediculous odds. you expect the odd bad beat in poker but no matter what game you play on here, 60-80% of the worst hands win, no matter how much a dog, and when in a showdown it is 75% plus. Not just the hands I'm in but everyone on the table. It is clearly programmed to encourage people to get their chips in the middle as much as possible. Stay well clear."

Paul Freel says

"They are happy to let you open an account and deposit without any ID checks, and then as you want to start playing, they freeze your account and want extensive ID checks. It feels to me like a fraudulent way of conducting business, in the hope that people will not bother or forget to supply the details, and they can keep the deposit. Very poor customer service."

roberto says

"You cant contact them by phone, and when they email you they only give their first name, very odd. Anyway they recently closed my account down and started calling me names in emails and were having a right good laugh at me at my expense and telling me there was nothing i could do about it and that they were going to hold onto my money and to never contact them again as they were going to ignore me, i asked for a copy of their complaints procedure and they told me to get stuffed......worst company i have ever dealt with, and i was a longstanding customer, would never trust them, no wonder the department of justice in America closed them down a few years ago, and their CEO recently stepped down as he is being charged with insider trading, take your custom elsewhere where they value customers."

Simon says

"Having taken my deposit, I immediately received an email from FTP notifying me that my account was locked, requesting a long list of highly personal documents. I am not prepared to provide this information and demanded an immediate refund. Searching their website, they do not provide a telephone number, only email support. While the security steps are I'm sure standard practice for the industry, the absence of telephone support or live web-chat immediately makes me want to have nothing to do with FTP."

Martin says

"like the game play even though it can be improved ."

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